The Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) fosters community university partnerships that aim to promote the principles and practices of civic engagement and democracy.

Event Details

Campus Engage Participate

Monday, 26th of January 2015 (10:00 – 16:00) @ ILAS at NUI Galway

Campus Engage Participate Programme - Galway

Participate in a one day capacity building programme delivered by a national panel of experienced practitioners and scholars in community-based research and learning.

In Community-based learning students gain academic credit for the learning that derives from participating in and reflecting on an experience within community and society.

Community-based research describes a set of diverse approaches to research that are community centred and where the effects of research are concerned with improving, understanding further or investigating further the issue of concern.

Walk away with a plan to implement community-based research or community-based learning into your curriculum.

Gain access to mutually negotiated peer support (online and in person) to help you in achieving your goals.

For more information on benefits and learning outcomes for staff and students go to or email

This event is hosted by the CKI at ILAS - the recently established Institute for Lifecourse and Society at NUI Galway.

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