The Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) fosters community university partnerships that aim to promote the principles and practices of civic engagement and democracy.

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Lunchtime Seminar

Wednesday, 14th of September 2016 (12:30 – 14:00) @ Institute for Lifecourse and Society

CKI Lunchtime Seminar - Wednesday 14th September 2016

12.30 – 2pm in the Institute for Lifecourse & Society (ILAS)

Boardroom Room No. 2015



Dr. Maria Cabello

Universidad de Málaga, Spain

Service-learning is a new educational method that is expanding the involvement of universities in their neighbouring communities. It also tends to promote the civic and moral development of students. Service-learning can be defined as “service performed by students, aimed at attending to a real need of the community, and oriented in an explicit and planned way to enhance the quality of academic learning.” (Tapia, et al., 2006, p. 68)

International Service Learning (ISL) has provided health professional students the opportunity to provide healthcare, under the direction of trained faculty, to underserved populations in developing countries. But our aim was rather to empower students and educational institutions to become more aware of the needs of the communities in which they work and to become engaged and civically active in mutually beneficial ways. This International service experience wants to support the modification of the current contents of the medical curricula. But our main objective is to ensure that service-learning has not only to transform education, but it also has to transform the lives of many of the students involved and the society in which they act. In this way we designed a cooperation project with ACOES- Honduras in which there were involved the Medical, Low, Education and Engineering Faculties of Malaga University. We developed a training experience for the students of the different areas, above mentioned. We would like to present the process of design, develop and support of this experience.