The Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) fosters community university partnerships that aim to promote the principles and practices of civic engagement and democracy.

NUI Galway Book Collection

The Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) and James Hardiman Library's Civic Engagement Book Collection was a major 2011 to 2012 project launched by Dr. Pat Morgan, Vice President for the Student Experience, in November 2012. This project which generated a collection of books incorporating diverse aspects of civic engagement and higher education ensures that NUI Galway has the largest collection of resources and texts on the role of higher education within society. It contains books from a wide range of disciplines and acts as a central reference point for all materials and for scholars in this field.

Civic Engagement is a strategic priority for NUI Galway and through the CKI the University works to promote greater civic engagement through its teaching and research. This is reinforced through the use of service learning, community engaged research, volunteering and knowledge sharing.

As part of NUI Galway's strategy the CKI in collaboration with the James Hardiman Library have instigated the creation of a Civic Engagement Book Collection at NUI Galway. Academics and Students will be easily able to locate these books simply by searching for ‘civic engagement' in the Library catalogue. It is envisaged that this collection will be a valuable resource to those who seek to integrate and promote civic engagement within and without the University.

The CKI Project Coordinator, Lorraine McIlrath says, "NUI Galway continues to highlight its leadership in the area of university engagement with community through civic engagement. We at the CKI are delighted that the James Hardiman Library has established itself as a site of knowledge and resource excellence that will enable our student and community populations to learn broadly about aspects related to this area through this collection".

The collection can be accessed by clicking here.