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Service Learning & Social Marketing

Service learning and social marketing at NUIG

An international postgrad student in Marketing at NUI Galway, Emily Mannix has gained so much from her study abroad experience. In this blog she discusses her Social Marketing class and how learning how to positively affect behaviours to improve society as a whole has had a huge impact on her life and future career...

As an NUIG Business Master's student, my coursework very often centres on case studies and examinations of how things are done in the "real world" of business. I've been very lucky to have taken classes where part of the coursework involves getting access to a real company's real issues. In those situations, I've been asked to do market research, evaluate alternatives, and suggest new ideas - all very valuable experiences. However, almost none of these projects have resulted in a company actually using any of the students' recommendations. Maybe it will lead to a job offer, maybe it won't, but overall, it's just an exercise to help us learn. The purpose is not to actually effect the strategy of the business or customers.

"As much as commercial marketing employs consumer behaviour psychology theories, social marketing brings things to a whole new level. It's the difference between getting Pavlov's dog to salivate at the sound of a bell and getting him to perform a flawless Riverdance when you snap your fingers."

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