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Volunteer Managers Module

Volunteer Managers Online Module: Building Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Lorraine Tansey has secured 129,250 in Erasmus+ funding to partner on the development of an online module to assist volunteer managers in Non-Profit organisations to validate the learning outcomes acquired in voluntary work within the ECVET and the ECTS framework.

There are four EU Partners in our Erasmus+ Grant:

1. Spain – Plataforma del Voluntariado de España (

2. Ireland – National University of Ireland, Galway (

3. Netherlands – EDOS Foundation (

4. Italy – CSVnet (

The main project result is going to take the form of an on-line training module for Volunteer Coordinators (5 ECTS). The training module will support Volunteer Mangers to understand the European Qualifications Framework and design learning outcomes for their volunteer programmes with the aim of facilitating volunteers reflective learning.

The NUI Galway Advisory Group is:

1. Lorraine Tansey

2. Maria Gallo

3. Fiona Bateman

4. Stuart Garland (Volunteer Ireland)

5. Cormac Forkan

6. Helen Casey

7. Deirdre Hardiman

Working together until spring 2018 the partners will co-design, test and launch the online module for Volunteer Managers. Volunteer Managers that complete the module will be to create learning outcomes for their volunteer programmes with the aim of bringing their volunteers on a formal educational journey aligned with accreditation systems. Volunteers will be able to map their learning from their experiences to the programme learning outcomes and be able to demonstrate active learning. In leveraging Volunteer Managers capacity to instil a love of learning with volunteers, the module will highlight lifelong learning opportunities.