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Book Launch

Wednesday 14th June 2017

ILAS G009 NUI Galway

2pm - All welcome!

A New Social Contract - No Flag No Frontier / Un Nuevo Contrato Social - Sin Bandera Sin Frontera

Editors: Amelia Burke, Lluna Altarriba, Álex Font, Gabriel Santee
Publisher: Fabricants de Futur -

CKI is delighted to parner with the School of Political Science & Sociology, Dr Su Ming Khoo, in the Launch of "A New Social Contract: No Flag No Frontier" .

How can new collaborations arise between citizens across a world that is divided and obstructed by exclusions of nationality, borders and prejudices? How can citizens engage and act, find their voice, support each other and collaborate to create alternatives?

"A New Social Contract: No Flag No Frontier" is the third publication of Fabricants de Futur.

The collaborators on this collective book project are aged 11 to 65. We are artists, writers, philosophers, social workers, refugees, sociologists, activists, lawyers, scientists, musicians, historians, volunteers, environmentalists and teachers.

The texts are in Spanish and English, but the collaborators are from many parts of the world: Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, England, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Scotland, and Pakistan. Ukraine and USA.

Fabricants de Futur (Future Makers) is a non-profit multi-media platform, based in Figueras, Catalunya, connecting citizens, activists, artists and creators drawn from many parts of the world. This platform enables those who have no voice to talk about the future, be listened to, share experiences and knowledge and learn from each other.

The Fabricants de Futur collective originated in the Integral Revolution that emerged in Catalunya around 2008, seeking a new ways to create a self-managed public system, via the generation of social alternatives oriented towards more humane, inclusive and sustainable local economies. The collective functions on the principles of "autogestion", operating a horizontal structure and collective self-management, without dependence on financial or other sponsorship by external bodies.

For an introduction via music, words and images, see YouTube clip, "what is it like?" (4:40 min)

Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the ISSL conference, price €25.