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University of Sanctuary Designation

NUI Galway becomes a University of Sanctuary - a project cohoested by the Community Knowldge Initiative and Access Centre

The University of Sanctuary Campaign was officially launced in January 2018 by the President of NUI Galway. It aimed to increase public awareness of both the global refugee crisis and Traveller-specific issues across campus, in an effort to address the low levels of participation of both minority groups in higher education. Both groups are too frequently excluded from participation in education due to iniquitous societal barriers, and we feel that through our actions we can make NUI Galway a much more inclusive and equitable campus.

Our collaborative campaign sought to create, nurture, and maintain a friendly and welcoming environment on campus, especially for those in Direct Provision and members of the Travelling community.

The campaign submitted to the Place of Sanctuary Committee the NUI Galway University of Sanctuary Movement and Campaign Report 2016-209 that showcased efforts over a three year period and based NUI Galway was designated a University of Sanctuary in September 2019. New efforts also include three fully funded post-graduate and six undergraduate scholarships.

This project is coordinated by Aidan Harte and has brought together a vast array of stakeholders comitted to inclusion including representatives from the Office of the Vice President for Equality & Diversity, the College of Science, the College of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Sciences, the College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies, the College of Business, Public Policy, & Law, the Access Office, the Community Knowledge Initiative, the Students’ Union, the Fáilte Refugees Society, various NUI Galway student services offices, the Great Western and the Eglinton Direct Provision centres, the Galway Integration Consortium, the Galway Anti-Racism Network, and AMACH LGBT+ Galway.

For further information, contact Aidan Harte