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Living Gardens
Living Gardens


Food Pavilion Edible Garden The Food Pavilion Edible Garden is a children's garden with a maritime theme. It demonstrates how fruit, vegetables and herbs can be grown even in the smallest of spaces in an engaging and attractive way. Three raised beds shaped as boats, some with sails of runner beans, are the main growing areas for vegetables like lettuces, cabbages, peas, leeks, onions, beans, sweetcorn, etc. A fourth raised bed offers a "sensory" display with plants for all the five senses including flowers, herbs and more edible plants. Vertical spaces are utilised by growing plants in a "grow wall" A coldframe is used to harden off seedlings and to grow small growing varieties of tomatoes, and a storage box for garden tools doubles up as a seat. A variety of other plants are grown in different containers, including hanging baskets, pots of various shapes and sizes, wooden crates, hessian bags and more. Fruit trees and bushes are also grown in containers. A mini pond introduces the element of water in a safe and child-friendly way. Sand, gravel, pebbles and seaweed will enhance the maritime feel of the garden. A display board will provide information about the garden in particular and gardening with children, fun facts, photos of gardens, recipes, etc. The garden will be surrounded by blue picket fence with an entry and exit point to allow visitors to wander through the garden. About Living Gardens Kay Synott of "Living Gardens" ( is a qualified horticulturalist, school gardening specialist and garden designer with a particular emphasis on organic and wildlife gardening. Kay has won several awards for her school garden projects. She gives gardening courses and workshops and is also involved in community garden projects and environmental education in County Galway and City. She is a member of the BrigitÕs Garden environmental education team working mostly with primary school children.


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