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Myasthenia - is a severe muscle weakness illness. Together with our patron, football legend, Ronnie Whelan we create public and medical awareness of the disease and raise funds to provide support for people in Ireland who suffer from Myasthenia as well as funding medical research to find a cure. Typical symptoms of Myasthenia are drooping eye lids, blurred vision, difficulty chewing and swallowing, weakness in the arms and legs, chronic muscle fatigue and difficulty breathing.


Please note:
New volunteering opportunities should be entered through the student volunteer website. You can still view your previously entered opportunities here.

We require volunteers to collect old mobile phones to raise funds for our charity through recycling. Simply put your unwanted phone in the special collection box near the Alive Office in The Hub, Aras na Mac Leinn, NUIG.

Clear out your clothes/shoes/textiles and raise funds for myaware!
Contact us and we can organise collection of your unwanted items from your home or college - a minimum of 10 large bags - so get together with neighbours, family or friends and raise funds for myaware!
Accepted items: All…