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Riding for the Disabled Association - Ireland
Riding for the Disabled Association - Ireland


We are a national voluntary organisation which provides the opportunity of recreational and therapeutic riding and carriage driving to any person, mentally or physically disabled who meet out medical criteria,, and who might benefit in their general health and happiness. The main focus of the RDA-I work is to broaden the physical and mental horizons of those affected by disability: - Psychologically it helps with motivation, confidence and self awareness - Physically it helps with general health including posture, relaxation and co-ordination. Physiotherapy can take place during a riding session and not in the clinic. - The joy of being close to an animal and the freedom derived from riding has to be seen to be believed. This is a fun sport for a person who may, through their disability, not pursue any other. Some participants never otherwise leave their wheelchair. There are 81 groups nationally providing weekly lessons to over 1,000 disabled people. Classes for riders and drivers of all ages, abilities and disabilities are the keystone of our work. There is no charge for riders and drivers. Funds to run the groups are raised voluntarily at national and local level. The Riding Centre is: Rockmount Riding Centre Cregboy Claregalway County Galway


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