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What is Sin?
Sin is the name for NUIG's student newspaper and website There are 6,000 copies of the 32 page newspaper printed fortnightly during term time, and distributed all over campus, Corrib Village and the city centre. The website is also updated regularly. Sin is editorially independent of the Students Union.

Where is Sin?
The Sin office is in the Physics Department on the Concourse.

Where can I find a copy of Sin?
There are Sin news stands all over campus. For example, there is a stand in Smokey's and in the lobby of the bar and library.

How can I get volunteer for Sin?
Getting involved is easy. Apply through the Alive website. Contact the editor. Or drop into one of our fortnightly meetings or the Sin office. Do I need to have any previous media experience? No experience required. What does a Sinner do? Sinners write articles and take photos for the newspaper and website.

Why should I get involved?
If you want to be a journalist you've no excuse not to be involved with Sin! It will give you a unique opportunity of gaining valuable experience in writing, photography, newspaper production, web editing and journalism.
-You get to meet like minded people.
-Get yourself published and read by a wide audience
-Dedicated Sinners who make a valuable contribution to each issue of the paper over a full semester get an ALIVE volunteering certificate
-prizes for contributors
-great nights out

What kinds of material does Sin need?
Campus news, news photos, Letters to the Editor, features, titbits, poetry for the Literary page, Reviews of films, gigs, books, plays etc, sports news, opinions, human interest, interviews, information on campus goings on, match reports, out and about pictures etc etc. Anything you think NUIG students need to hear about!

How do I get published?
Contact the editor with an idea for an article. She will respond; then you follow the guidelines.

What are the guidelines?
News stories are limited to 300 words and features to 450 words. When submitting writers need to send in their work before the deadline, which is the Wednesday before the next issue. At the top of the article writers need to insert the word count, their name and mobile number. All spelling and grammar errors must be corrected. Photos must be high resolution, over 1,000 pixels and must be accompanied by a caption. Please contact the editor for a detailed Guidelines info sheet

How do I know when the next meeting and deadline is?
Make sure you are on the mailing list and an email will be sent out to you beforehand with the details. A notice will also be put up in the window of the Sin office and published in Sin.

Why wasn't I published?
If you didn't get published, you probably did not follow all the guidelines correctly.


Please note:
New volunteering opportunities should be entered through the student volunteer website. You can still view your previously entered opportunities here.