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Anam Cara
Anam Cara


Anam Cara is a national voluntary organisation founded in 2008 by bereaved parents to offer support services to families as they try to cope with the death of a son or daughter. We provide a variety of online and face to face support services to bereaved parents and siblings throughout the 32 counties. Anam Cara is an inclusive organisation. Our services are accessible to all parents regardless of age or the circumstances of their child's death. They are offered free of charge and made available for as long as families may need them. As Anam Cara does not receive government funding, fundraising is key for the continuity and development of our online and face to face bereavement support services in Galway. Sadly in Ireland 6 out of 10 people know someone who has experienced the devastating death of a child. There is a strong possibility that you may have experienced the death of a student or former student from your college.


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