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Creative Communities
Creative Communities


Galway City Community Network (GCCN), The Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI) / EPIC, National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway, and Galway Community Arts Network (GALCA) came together to support and promote Creative Communities by organising events for people who are active in or interested in Socially Engaged Arts/ Community Arts practices and projects in Galway. In March and April 2013 we organised two networking events, as part of the Creative Communities initiative, to bring together people who are active in or interested in Socially Engaged Arts/ Community Arts practices and projects in Galway.

Creative Communities: People and Places
March 8, 2013: Jigsaw Galway, Fairgreen Road, Galway
The aims were to provide a space for those interested in Community/Socially Engaged Arts in Galway to reflect on, discuss and map socially engaged arts practices in Galway; we also wished to promote networking between community groups and people working in community arts/socially engaged arts in Galway and artists with an interest in being involved.
This event was organised as a World Café Style workshop, facilitated by members of the organising groups, in celebration of World Community Arts Day 2013

Creative Communities: Community Arts/Socially Engaged Arts in Practice
April 10, 2013: The View, Áras na MacLéinn, National University of Ireland, Galway
A seminar with Professor Darlene Clover, University of Victoria, Canada followed by a workshop facilitated by Jen Hesnan, GALCA, to explore education, training and research needs. Professor Clover teaches community, cultural and ecological leadership, adult, feminist and art-based education and participatory and art-based research methods. Jen Hesnan is an Arts Facilitator, based in Galway, currently working with Foroige and Galway Autism Partnership.
A feedback report was compiled, following the two events, to reflect the main concerns and issues raised on the day by the participants and the Creative Communities organisers hope that it will generate more discussion, sharing of views and opinions as well as identification of common interests, strengths and skills. This document will be a valuable and useful resource for policy development and for strategic planning of the promotion and development of community/socially engaged arts in Galway. We also hope that interested groups, organisations and individuals, along with Galway City Council and local agencies will take action on some of the requirements to support and promote Creative Communities that are presented in the report. The organizing groups also intend to take an active role.
The report is available to download here

For an overview of Creative Communities: People and Places, Galway, 2013 in pictures follow this YouTube link

Organising Groups
Galway City Community Forum (GCCF) was established as a platform where all community and voluntary groups can come together to promote our shared vision of how Galway City should be planned, developed and managed. The Community Forum elects representatives to Galway City Council Strategic Policy Committees, the City Development Board and many other groups. The Community Forum represents groups from all walks of life and with many different interests.
GCCF Arts and Culture policy states that Arts and Culture are intrinsic to the economic, social and cultural life of the City and looks for the development of Galway as a city of Arts and Culture where everyone can participate in and have access to artistic and cultural activities; where artists are supported and encouraged; in Galway as the bilingual capital of Ireland with a clear identity and sense of place. Community-Forum/125646200837259
Eleanor Hough
Ann Irwin GCCF
Galway Community Arts Network (GALCA) aims to act as a forum for community arts organisations, artists and facilitators. The GALCA Network is a resource to promote and share information and knowledge of Galway Community Arts practice.
Community Arts is defined here as creative activity that makes use of any arts discipline with people for artistic purpose. The result of this engagement leads to many great and essential outcomes that benefit communities and individuals such as; aesthetic reflection and appreciation, social interaction, education and skills improvement and positive mental health.
Jen Hesnan (GALCA)

EPIC / CKI, NUI Galway focuses on developing relationships between NUI Galway and the wider society, through supporting collaborative models of research and knowledge exchange, strengthening links between teaching and community engaged research, and supporting capacity-building within communities. EPIC is the point of contact for community and civil society organisations which would like to access research and other collaborative opportunities with the university. It is also a key contact point for university staff and students interested in being involved in community engaged research and knowledge exchange opportunities with the wider community.
Ann Lyons (CKI/EPIC, NUIG)


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