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Oxfam Ireland
Oxfam Ireland


Oxfam Ireland is an independent, secular, not-for-profit organisation, committed to working with people to overcome poverty and injustice worldwide. The organisation strives to ensure that people in the developing world have sustainable livelihoods, access to essential services, equal rights and status and physical security. Oxfam Ireland works in the following core countries - Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Oxfam Ireland is a member of Oxfam International, a confederation of 17 organisations working together to achieve greater impact through our collective efforts. Oxfam is many different things – it’s the relief agency that saves lives when disaster strikes, it’s the campaigner for change and it’s the local shop raising funds for the poorest communities in the developing world. At Oxfam Ireland we all share the vision of a just world without poverty.


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