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Galway European Capital of Culture 2020 Bid Team
Galway European Capital of Culture 2020 Bid Team


What is the European Capital of Culture?
Each year since 1985 the European Union designates one or more cities as a European Capital of Culture. Chosen cities are expected to put on an innovative year-long cultural programme that “highlights the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe. ‘ In 2020 both Ireland and Croatia will be eligible to host a European Capital of Culture. The process is competitive; Galway must demonstrate that it can provide a unique and promising programme of cultural and artistic events and activities over the course of a calendar year. It is important that Galway’s programming have sustainable legacy effects and create –transformative linkages –“ between, on the one hand, …cultural and creative sectors, and, on the other hand, sectors such as education, research, environment, urban development or cultural tourism.’

What will it take for Galway to win the bid?
The simple answer is your support! Inspired by your input and participation though our consultation process we are expected to put together a high quality artistic and cultural programme that reflects Galway’s uniqueness and connections with the rest of Europe. We need to hear from you to be successful. We also need political support and the support of business and hospitality sectors among others. We can only win if we win together!


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