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Galway Traveller Movement
Galway Traveller Movement


The Galway Traveller Movement was set up as an independent Traveller Organisation in 1994. It was established by Travellers and settled people in Galway with the ultimate aim to achieve equality and self-determination for the Traveller community in Galway city. Since its inception it has been a force in creating positive social change for Travellers with a strong emphasis on mobilising Travellers to work collectively to challenge discrimination in all its forms. The management and staff were clear about what GTM was aiming to achieve and were committed to using a community development approach to achieve these aims.
The organisation is committed to the principles of community work, such as active participation, collective action, lobbying and campaigning to bring about positive social change for Travellers. There is also pro-active mobilisation to be part of a movement at a local, regional and national level to bring about this positive change.
Galway Travellers Movement’s logo consists of a globe in a pair of hands within the horseshoe. This globe symbolises the fact that we are all part of one world, the hands symbolise our solidarity with others in the struggle for a fairer world and the horse shoe is a very significant symbol of Traveller culture.


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