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NUI Galway Cancer Awareness Event
NUI Galway Cancer Awareness Event


Most people know somebody who has been affected in some way by cancer. At NUI Galway we have incredible resources that we aim to harness to contribute to the wider community in their efforts to deal with cancer. Leading cancer-researchers and clinicians based at NUIG can inform staff, students and the public about what cancer is and how it affects us, state- of- the- art treatments, developing therapies and exciting research in the area. Mentored by these and other academics are a whole team of next-generation scientists who are pursuing their PhD degrees in areas that will lead to new understanding of, and approaches to combat, cancer. Finally we have a whole community of staff and students in the University that can contribute towards fundraising. As such NUI Galway can make a large contribution to the work of the Irish Cancer Society and other agencies, and the aim of this event is to bring these strands together in a major outreach event that will involve staff, students and the public in raising awareness and much needed funds.


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