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Positive Health 4 All
Positive Health 4 All


Positive Health For All is a charitable organization as well as a health promotion club that was set up in the month of June 2015 and was launched on the 27th June 2015 at the East UTD Pitch in Ballybane. The current office is located at Castlegar GAA Club, Roscam, Merlin Woods, Galway City. We started with the name positive health for young people.
Our aims are to assist the entire members of Galway community with promoting their physical, mental and social wellbeing irrespective of their age, gender and race.
Our priority is to make sure that we engage the young people by encouraging them to utilize their time in engaging in useful activities which will make them to be responsible in their communities as well as the wider society. Parents of young people will be fully engaged by ways of dissemination of information to assist in taking good care of their health by organizing fitness classes. Parents are also given health talk on the need to support the mental health of their youths and how to effectively manage their young people.
We believe that healthy people will give rise to a healthy society hence a healthy economy.
Activities: Health and Fitness Classes, Grinds Tutorial such as Maths Class and other subjects, Health Talk, Summer Camp, Indoor and Outdoor physical and Social Activities that involves music, Dance & Drama by the Youths.


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