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Digital Champions NUIG
Digital Champions NUIG


Become a Digital Champion!!
What is a Digital Champion?
We're looking for enthusiastic students who would like to be part of a campaign to help improve people's awareness and confidence in using digital technologies.
What will I do?
Becoming a Digital Champion is a great way of developing your own knowledge and skills . You don't need to be an IT expert - just interested and excited about being part of the project team! You'll participate in information sessions, surveys, poster campaigns and workshops and also get a chance to influence the wider project. Our Learning Technology expert team will work with you and help you build up your own skills.
Everyone involved will also get the chance to earn Digital Badges which are a great way of demonstrating your achievements and becoming more and more recognized by employers and other organisations.
One of our main areas of focus this semester will be on Digital Identity & Well-being, and we'll be working in collaboration with staff and students in other institutions in Ireland and beyond.


Please note:
New volunteering opportunities should be entered through the student volunteer website. You can still view your previously entered opportunities here.