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Children in Hospital Ireland
Children in Hospital Ireland


The importance of play in the recovery of the hospitalised child is universally recognised. Children in Hospital Ireland has been helping to fill this role since 1970 when volunteers started to work in children's hospitals. Today, we have PlayWell groups in many hospitals around the country who work in co-operation with the Hospital Play Specialists and the ward staff. What does our PlayWell service do? PlayWell - Brings fun into hospitals PlayWell - Provides familiar play activities in an unfamiliar setting PlayWell - Helps children make friends PlayWell - Distracts children and makes them less nervous PlayWell - Allows children to work through their fears PlayWell - Helps children to get better faster Being in hospital can be a stressful time for children, especially those under 5 years of age. Our service aims to take much of that stress away through the positive benefits! Our trained volunteers organise activities in wards, playrooms and other hospital departments. This makes hospital a happier place for children. PlayWell teams are active in 17 hospitals throughout Ireland. New groups are starting every year.


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