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Ability West
Ability West


Ability West is a voluntary organisation providing high quality, community based services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities throughout Galway. Its core value is to deliver services in a person centred approach in order to develop the potential of each person it serves. Ability West recognises that each person has the same rights and needs as other members of the community and aims to ensure that all individuals participate in their local community. Best Buddies Colleges is a wonderful example of how modern college students look beyond themselves to help others, and by helping others, you also grow as a person. Best Buddies Colleges is an international organization, founded the USA by Anthony Kennedy Shriver in 1989, the mission is to provide an opportunity for college students to be matched in a one-to-one friendship with individuals who have intellectual disabilities. Ability West strives to assist people with an intellectual disability to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Many people long to be recognized and valued as an equal member of their community Ð with friends and opportunities to do the everyday things in life. The Best Buddies Programme aims to end the social isolation of people with intellectual disabilities by establishing meaningful, lasting mutual friendships with their peers without intellectual disabilities. This is the first Best Buddies College Programme to be established in Ireland. Ability West has long benefited from the energy and enthusiasm of NUIG students through volunteering and believes this programme will be a success because of the commitment of NUIG students to making a difference in lives of others. Best Buddies is an opportunity to enhance who you are, the way you think and the way you treat those who have disabilities. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Linda Keane, Volunteer Programme Manager


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