Engaging People in Communities (EPIC)
Facilitates Community Based Research and Knowledge Exchange


Online Resources:

Action Research and Action Learning for community and organizational change

Action Research Resources

The Action Learning, Action Research Association (ALARA)

Centre for Community-based Research, Canada

Community Links Programme, Dublin Institute of Technology (DYT)

Living Knowledge: The International Science Shop Network

National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement, UK

Resources for Community-based Participatory Research

Society for Participation, Engagement, Action and Knowledge Sharing (SPEAKS)

Centre for Effective Services (CES), Ireland

Center for Collaborative Action Research

Galway Volunteer Centre Community-Based Research Short Report

Jigsaw Community-Based Research Short Report

Strengthening Families Community-Based Research Short Report


A quick start guide for Community-based organizations

A manual for Community-based Participatory Research

Community-Institutional Partnerships for Prevention Research Group. Developing and sustaining Community-based Participatory Research Partnerships

Information Sheet_Jigsaw

Information Sheet_Galway Volunteer Centre

Information Sheet_Strengthening Families


Centre for Research in Theories and Practices that overcome inequalities (CREA). University of Barcelona

Community-based Research at the University of Victoria, Canada

Community-based Research at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland

Community-engaged Research at the University of Brighton, UK

Science Shops at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Science Shops at Queen's University, Northern Ireland


Gateways: The International Journal of Community Research and Engagement

International Journal of Action Research

Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement (JHEOE)


Collaborative Action Research Network, UK

Community-based Research Network, Canada

Global Alliance on Community-engaged Research, Canada

Public Engagement with Research and Research Engagement with Society (PERARES), transnational Debate


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