What is the Civic Engagement Fund and how does it work?

The ALIVE Civic Engagement Fund was established to support students to develop their own volunteering initiatives.

The fund enables students to act on their ideas, interests and passions with community organisations, campaigns and projects. Individuals and groups of students may apply. NUI Galway ALIVE volunteers have, in recent years:

To take a lead on your volunteering contact ALIVE for support in making your idea a reality.

ALIVE Leaders

An ALIVE Leader is a student who has volunteered in a community organisation and is willing to take on a deeper role and be the liaison with the ALIVE programme and support their fellow student volunteers.

Now is your chance if you want to create deeper links between your volunteering organisation and ALIVE - sign up to be an ALIVE Leader. Leaders receive training, hoodies, funding and opportunities to attend conferences.

James Blackwell, ALIVE Leader 2015-2016

James is a second year student studying Physics. He is the leader for the Castlegar Homework Club.His favourite thing about coordinating his fellow students to be volunteers is their enthusiasm and hard work.

Resources available to ALIVE Volunteers

Bring your ideas ALIVE!

ALIVE volunteers often travel to conferences and events and we'd like to help you get there! Please complete this form to plan insurance and funding. Thanks!

Social Entrepreneurship

You can take your ideas to the next level and become a social entrepreneur! Here are some great links to get you started:

NUI Galway Enterprise Awards - Social Category
Social Enterprise Network in Ireland
Ashoka Ireland
Social Entrepreneurship Ireland

Social Marketing & Social Innovation are key concepts for social entrepreneurs. NUI Galway has particular expertise in this area.

Dr. Christine Domegan, Marketing Discipline and Leader of the Social Innovation and Policy cluster, Whitaker Institute at NUI Galway chats with Angela Sice about Social Innovation and how it is used to address ‘Wicked Problems' in society.

Listen to the definitions of Social Marketing and Social Innovation and examples of movements to improve lives:

Short Podcast Interview with Dr Christine Domegan, NUI Galway

Fundraising Policy for Students and Community

Our committed, enthusiastic and ambitious staff and students fundraise extensively across the campus. Please contact the CKI if you hope to plan a fundraiser at NUI Galway.

Within the NUI Galway Fundraising Policy is a helpful guide to successful event planning and links to national fundraising networks. Helpful support documents can be found on the Student Services Policy website. Fundraising events are reviewed via the Application Form, that you can fil in here!


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