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Applications for our February/March courses are now open. Click on the "Apply Now" link below to be brought to the application form


These courses are only open to those who applied in September but were unsuccessful in getting a place.

The Youth Academy is always very heavily oversubscribed. We receive almost 4 applications for every place we have on offer so not everyone that applies will be successful in getting a place. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis with no excpetions made.

Please note: 1200 applications were received last September for 320 places. Some people who applied at 9.03am on the day applications opened were not successful in securing a place.

Application process:

1. Complete the online application form

* All fields need to be filled in on the application form (type something in every box). You will receive a confirmation email when your form goes through.

2. Send in proof of your child's test results after completing the online application form. Please send these in on Monday 7th January so your application will not be held up

Proof of Test Results

You need to send proof of your child's test results to support their application. The deadline for receiving same is Monday 7th January at 5pm. If results are not received by this day your child's application will be incomplete and they will not be considered for a place. If you are having issues getting test results or there is a delay in receiving same please email the Youth Academy:

Eligibility is based on their most recent test result i.e Summer 2018.

If you submitted test results in September 2018 you do not need to resend.

If results are stated on our child's school report card you can:
1. Scan, ensuring their name and result are clearly visible, and email a copy to
2. Take a photograph, ensuring their name and test result are clearly visible, and email it to
3. Photocopy, making sure to include your child's name as stated on the application form, and post to Geraldine Marley, Youth Academy, NUI Galway, Galway

If results are not stated on your child's school report card:
Ask your school to give you something on headed paper stating your child's name and result and either scan or post as above.