Summer Camp Course Descriptions

Please see below the courses on offer for our summer camps. Students will do one of the below courses for the 5 day camp. No prior knowledge of any of the subjects is necessary. These courses are the same as the ones that run on Saturday mornings throughout the year.

All courses are subject to availability and may change

Exploring Electronics : Learn how to build circuits and robots

Ever wonder how gadgets work? How robots are made and programmed?

In this course you'll learn how electronic circuits work and how to program them using the Arduino platform. You'll learn the basics of programming and how to make use of sensors, motors and LEDs to create your own fantastic projects and bring your ideas to life.

Your Radio: Analysing media and making your own show

Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media.

This includes; television, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, video games, music, and all other forms of media.

Over this course you will;

A fun introduction to Computer Programming, the Internet and Multimedia

A wide variety of topics will be covered, introducing students to core programming and design concepts.

After initial tuition in each lecture students will have the opportunity to combine their new technical skills with their own creativity in a hands-on computing laboratory environment. Topics covered will be: application development, website design, gaming, networks (how the internet works) and graphics. Students will become familiar with commercial software such as: Microsoft Visual Studio, Google Sketchup and Scratch. The content of the modules demonstrates a wide array of skills required by IT industry specialists and typically each student will discover their own particular preferences and develop creativity - limited only by their own imagination.

What makes a Play a Play

What makes a play a play? The words we say? How we say them?The way we gesture, move, and create different new worlds with props, costumes and set?

We will explore different modes of expression and devising including the way we gesture, move, and create different new worlds with props, costumes and set. Here at NUI Galway, we believe that theatres are curious and exciting places, where a box can become a ship or a taxi, where a piece of cloth can become an evil spirit or the sea. On stage anything is possible if we believe it to be, and at the centre of all of this, is our creativity and imagination. The course will use all kinds of games and activities to explore how to make a play. This course aims to give the students an opportunity to discover and develop performance skills, such as voice work, group work, improvisation, and devising, as well as enhancing their understanding and appreciation of theatre. The course will finish with a short performance of the students' own creation.

CSI: How Science Solves Crime Scenes

Interested in becoming a detective, working in forensics or a crime scene investigator (CSI)?

Over this week long course you will get to find out how science is used to solve crime cases. You will become a CSI expert and solve your own cases. Every week you will be presented with a new case and use your CSI skills to use science to solve your cases. Classes will involve fingerprinting, how chemistry is used to identify different substances and the use of algebra to identify the height of a suspect. At the end, you will work as a team to put all the clues of a crime scene together and solve the big mystery case from the knowledge you gained over the week.

Making and playing your own fun and adventurous video game

Create characters for your own video game and design a sustainable world in which they will live.

This course will support you in being as imaginative and creative as possible. Using a gaming language, art, graphics, character and plot development, music and sound, you will explore how to create a video game from beginning to end, choosing a gameplay (what kind of game it is, what the players have to do), deciding on the story of the game and also deciding on how to best tell it, designing characters, objects and scenes, creating an atmosphere and our own sound effects etc. You will, during the week, build our own games, to play, share and use, and discuss what you like in video games, and what makes a great one.

*Please note this course is only offered in Week 1*