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Together we can achieve more! Here we share some of our latest partnerships that engage NUI Galway staff and students with the wider community for mutually beneficial collaborations.

To share your story or partner with us, please contact us. We are delighted to work with non-profits, charities, NGOs schools and hospitals.

Terryland Forest Park

Outdoor classroom and outdoor laboratory for Galway

The Terryland Forest Park is Ireland's largest urban forest park project. Established in 2000 under the auspices of Galway City Council working with a multi-sectoral committee comprising artists, ecologists, residents, scientists and teachers, this green resource was born out of years of campaigning by local communities. It serves as an important wildlife habitat and as a major ecological corridor connecting Lough Corrib with the rural hinterland of Galway city. The area zoned for the park comprises c180 acres of wetlands, grasslands, woods, farmlands and a river within walking distance of both the centre of the city and the campus of NUI Galway.

With 90,000 native Irish trees planted on its lands since March 2000, a reactivated community volunteer, educational and local authority presence has since 2014 overseen a series of initiatives including wildflower plantings, pathways enhancement, new signage, wildlife support measures, field studies, litter clean-ups and the development of nature trails. The planting of such a large amount of trees means that the park serves as an important carbon sink for the region.

The primary aim now is to establish a long-term partnership with scientists at NUI Galway, the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology and Atlantaquaria (the National Aquarium of Ireland) to develop the Terryland Forest Park as a major Outdoor Laboratory and Outdoor Classroom for the benefit of schools and third level research as well as for tourism by promoting the city as an outdoor learning hub of national importance.

Visit Terryland Forest Park website for more information.

The Institute for Lifecourse and Society(ILAS)

The Institute is a newly designated research institute for the applied social sciences at NUI Galway. Its core function is to achieve international excellence in social policy and practice development through the pursuit of interdisciplinary research in the social sciences by creatively integrating the rich and diverse intellectual resources from within the University and beyond.

Established in part on the commitment, expertise and track record of its three constituent research Centres in NUI Galway: UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre (CFRC), Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (ICSG) and Centre for Disability Law and Policy (CDLP). Supported by the Atlantic Philanthropies Ireland, a recent emergent flagship programme called the Project Lifecourse initiative represents a key formational aspect of the Institute in that it models accruing staff and expertise from among constituent research centre members of the incoming Institute.

Project Lifecourse is a multidisciplinary project with research, policy, practice, and education strands that aims to make a positive contribution to public policy development by improving scientific and practical awareness of human capacities and capabilities across the lifecourse. Additional research communities committed to joining the Institute include the Irish Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research (ICAN), Health Economics and Policy Analysis (HEPA) and Community Knowledge Initiative (CKI). Additionally, a range of stakeholders, including research centres, research clusters, community demonstration projects and individual academics drawn from an impressive range of Colleges, Schools, and Disciplines (including health, law, economics and sociology) within NUI Galway have formally expressed an interest in joining the Insitute.

Visit the ILAS Website to learn more.