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Interculturalism and Foreign Languages in the Community

Interculturalism and Foreign Languages in the Community.

Course Director: Laura McLoughlin

Laura McLoughlin holds a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures from the Università degli Studi "La Sapienza", Rome and a PhD in Italian 20th Century Poetry from NUI, Galway. She has published books and articles on Italian poetry, the pedagogy of translation and language teaching methodology. She is currently involved in research in the use of audiovisual translation in language teaching.

Module Title: Marketing Languages. Italian in Secondary Schools
Subject: Italian
Number of Participants: 5
Hours: 2 hours per week
Credits: 10
Length: 2 semesters
Community Partners: St. Mary's College, Galway

The aim of the module is to promote awareness of the role of language in contemporary multicultural contexts and stimulate interest in foreign languages among teenagers. To this purpose, the module analyses the situation of ethnic minorities in Galway, reflect on the multicultural dimension of everyday life and the intercultural role of languages as mediators between different cultures. Students of NUI Galway and pupils in second level schools will conduct research and interviews with local minority communities, collate their work and publish it on a purpose built website. In addition a final Foreign Languages Event will be held at which they will present their findings and promote acquisition of foreign languages as a means to overcome cultural and racial barriers.