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Ageing Wisdom and Links between Generations

Ageing, Wisdom, and Links between Generations

This course, centring on links between ageing, wisdom and intergenerational interaction, aims to develop and explore new strategies for supporting interaction between older and younger people in the community and also at the end of the year, produce an article about wisdom and intergenerationality in Ireland. Students will carry out their work within the community, learning from older people, their insights, experiences and personalities and also the people who work with them.

In former times, it was open to people to try to make sense of ageing and the development of the life course by hoping to acquire wisdom, which used to be considered the supreme aim of all educational processes. This is a term which has since declined in popularity, leaving ageing a process which seems to lack attractive features, and leaving older people with relatively low social status. This course examines contemporary theories of ageing, paying special attention to those which explore how people imbue their life courses with meaning as they age. In particular, it examines the concept of wisdom, inquiring whether this is an idea which could contribute constructively to the experience of ageing at all life-course stages.

The course is supported by the Community Knowledge Initiative and students may be actively involved in interaction with older people and in developing strategies for intergenerational relations. It will be run on a workshop basis, and