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SSM in Sign Language

SSM in Sign Language

Discipline: Medicine

Module Title: SSM in Sign Language

Module Directors: Stephen Curran, Dr. Gerard Flaherty

Year: 1

This Special Study Module (SSM) in Sign Language aims to skill the medical students in basic Sign Language so that they have the ability to communicate with patients who may be deaf or have a hearing impairment. Each year the students offer a service through this module and in 2012 they produced an instructional DVD in Sign Language in collaboration with CELT, aimed at developing an understanding of this language among health care workers in the HSE. In 2011, the students engaged with the advocacy organisation Deaf Hear whereby the students communicated with the clients in Sign and measured blood pressure. This module offers students an insight into health care and communication issues facing a member of the Deaf community in Ireland. At the end of this module, the students deliver a presentation on their experience and usually offer this in Sign and verbally.