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SSM in Teanga an Leighis

SSM in Teanga an Leighis

Discipline: Medicine

Module Title: SSM in Teanga an Leighis

Module Directors: Dr. Dorothy Ní Uigín, Dr. Gerard Flaherty

Year: 2

Students deepen their knowledge of the language through the Special Study Module entitled Teanga an Leighis. Following a series of conversation classes, the students then spend a weekend in Aras Mhic Dara Nursing Home in Connemara. There the students spend the weekend living in a home that converses in Irish and befriend the elderly who are in care in Aras Mhic Dara. In previous years the students have provided information cards (as gaeilge) in Irish for the staff of the Nursing Home on various medical conditions, terms and language with the corresponding translation in Irish, as may of the staff working there may not be fluent in the language. These cards have helped the team to talk about medical conditions to the patients. Acadmah na Lianna, a group of Irish-speaking doctors who promote the Irish language, confers an annual bursary of €500 on the most impressive student in this group.