Service Learning
A teaching tool connecting community and classroom

MA in Public Advocacy and Activism

MA in Public Advocacy and Activism - Service Learning Component

Subject: Work Placement
Huston School of Film and Digital Media
Students of 1-year taught Postgraduate programme - MA/Postgraduate Diploma in Public Advocacy and Activism.
Service learning/Community based learning
Classroom preparation to introduce the concept of service learning. During the first semester with the help of the Course Coordinator, the students research and identify a work placement relevant to their own interests. The placement itself usually takes place at the end of the second semester.
All students on course - up to 15
Flexible, equivalent to about a month full-time.
: 15 ECTS for written report
3000-3500 word report
Varies according to needs. Usually after the taught modules have been completed, but may begin during the second semester.
First piloted:
Community Partners:
Various: local, national and international organisations identified by students (e.g. COPE, Trocaire, Spunout, Age Action, Galway One World Centre, Galway Rape Crisis centre, Enable Ireland, Vincent de Paul).

The Masters Degree in Public Advocacy and Activism offers an advanced programme for those working, or intending to work, in international or local advocacy; including community organization, development, labour, rights, health and environment. The placement is a crucial aspect of the one-year course, providing the students with the opportunity to apply their new skills in a relevant workplace and to experience the practical aspects of the advocacy environment. Students identify a placement relevant to their interests and negotiate what their role and work will be, taking into account their learning needs as well as the needs of the organisation.

Students are assessed on the basis of a report (3000-3500 words) which is submitted after the placement. They are advised to keep a log of their daily work as a basis for this final report. In the report, they are expected: