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MSc Strategic Marketing Social and Non-Profit Marketing

Social and Non-Profit Marketing, MK 576

Course Director: Dr. Christine Domegan

Christine Domegan, B.Comm. MBS and Ph.D. current research and teaching focuses on individual plus collective empowerment and participation for societal transformation and social innovation. Through the Whitaker Research Institute, this work involves the HRB, HSE Healthy Cities, HSE and COPE, Safefood, FP7 EU and the Drugs Task Force

Course Title: MSc Strategic Marketing
Social and Non-Profit Marketing, MK576
2 hrs - - the course comprises 2 lectures per week including class discussions, guest lectures and in-class exercises.
5 ects
12 weeks
Community Partners:
HSE Healthy Cities, and CELT

This advanced module reflects how social marketing can be utilised to address pressing complex social and policy problems. It requires the student to be reflective of, design and execute behavioural change plans where government, the public and private sector work collaboratively to understand the tangled influences of social contexts, policies and individual empowerment for lasting social change. It also aims to build society's capacity to act around decisions that affects the daily lives and well-being of all of its citizens.