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B.Comm Marketing Research

Marketing Research, MK 310

Course Director: Dr. Christine Domegan

Christine Domegan, B.Comm. MBS and Ph.D. current research and teaching focuses on individual plus collective empowerment and participation for societal transformation and social innovation. Through the Whitaker Research Institute, this work involves the HRB, HSE Healthy Cities, HSE and COPE, Safefood, FP7 EU and the Drugs Task Force

Course Title: B. Commerce
Marketing Research
4 hrs - the course comprises 4 lectures per week plus class discussions, guest lectures and in-class exercises.
10 ects
12 weeks.
Community Partners:
Tulca Visual Arts Festival and CELT

The purpose of this course is to achieve an advanced theoretical and practical understanding of the what, how, where, when and why of all aspects of Marketing Research. Extensive secondary and primary research is designed, conducted and reported on, in conjunction with community partner, Tulca Visual Arts Festival, to deepen the students' understanding and experience of the conceptual and methodological issues that underlie the various stages of the marketing research process. Carrying out market research with regard to Tulca audiences makes a valuable contribution to Tulca, providing an evidence base on the numbers and types of visitor to the festival - information that is vital in the context of funding applications to a range of bodies, including the Arts Council.