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MSc Strategic Brand Management

MSc Strategic Brand Management

Course Director: Dr. Elaine Wallace

Dr. Elaine Wallace holds a B. Comm and MBS from NUI Galway and a PhD in Branding from the University of Birmingham, UK. Prior to joining academia, she worked for seven years in marketing positions in Siemens, Unilever, SmithKline Beecham and Boots. Her academic research in Branding is funded in part by the IRCHSS and the Spanish Government and is published in leading international journals. She is also co-author of ‘Creating Powerful Brands', an international text designed for teaching and practice. IRCHSS funding also supported her development of executive training for Irish SMEs seeking to build brands through recession. She collaborates with research partners in the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Australia and the US, and this research has informed the development of postgraduate and undergraduate branding modules.

Course Title: MSc Marketing
Subject: Strategic Brand Management, MK 566
Year: Postgraduate
25, working in groups
Hours: 2 hours per week
Credits: 5ECTS
Length: 12 weeks
Community Partners: CDs Helping Hands (now HandinHand) and CELT

Strategic Brand Management examines the methods used to develop and enhance consumer based brand equity, suggests measures of consumer mindset, and presents tools to build and sustain successful brands over time. The course incorporates a hands-on branding assignment. Working with CDs Helping Hands children's cancer charity, and with the support of CELT, students ware challenged to develop a brand identity for the charity, recommend brand ambassadors and create a strategy for developing brand awareness among parents, donors, and the medical profession. Students designed brand elements and presented a development plan to the charity board, through written, oral and poster presentation. The board has adopted some of the students' suggestions for rebranding, and for the generation of awareness and funding.

In follow-up course evaluations, 100% of the class rated the assignment ‘excellent', stating that the assignment helped them to understand course material, to improve their writing and presentation skills, and to contribute to society. Moreover, they commented that the assignment gave them new insights into the application of branding theory and the challenges of brand building in the non-profit sector. Following the assignment, many of the students also volunteered to support the charity by organising events to create awareness.