Engaging People in Communities (EPIC)
Facilitates Community Based Research and Knowledge Exchange

Information for communities

Why get involved?.

Community-Engaged Research will address your organisation's needs in terms of research. Your organisation will have the chance to access academic knowledge in a broader sense without any charge. Apart from engaging in collaborative research projects, there will also be opportunities to share ideas, knowledge, experience and expertise with students and academic staff through the activities and events organised by EPIC.

Which organisations can get involved?

Community and civil society organisations (CSOs) that are not-for-profit and serve a common good.

"CSOs in all their forms - including non-governmental organisations, community groups, faith-based organisations, trade unions, informal groups (those without constitutions, boards and other organisational trappings), and many other associational forms, are part of civil society." CIVICUS, World Alliance for Citizen Participation.

How to get involved:

If your organisation is interested in developing a research partnership,please complete our Expression of Interest Form here:

Before submitting the form, you need to make sure that the planned research project is consistent with the Principles of Community-Engaged Research and Knowledge Exchange; the form must have a clear need and outcome.

We will examine your request and we will contact you to set up a meeting date.

Roles and Responsibilities:

- To send EPIC research topics and to provide information and input in order to concretise and define the research question.

- To contribute to the research process providing materials, data and other resources, when possible.

- To participate in a minimum of meetings with all the involved parties, especially before, during and after the research.