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Public Talk-Complexity and Collaboration. Jointly organized with Green Sod Ireland: Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly, London School of Economics

Date: Thursday, 18th April
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: The Moore Institute Seminar Room

Event Details: This public talk will introduce and evaluate a variety of qualitative and quantitative tools and methods which can be used to apply complexity theory to organisational change in different environments. Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly will discuss how insights for complexity theory can help tackle apparently intractable problems with organisational transformation, and demonstrate the application of complexity theory in practice. This talk will benefit people in education, health, the community and voluntary sector and business, who are dissatisfied with traditional approaches to organisational change and academics who would like to learn more about the application of complexity theory in practice.

No previous knowledge of complexity theory is required to benefit from this inspiring speaker.

Professor Mitleton-Kelly is a founder and Director of the Complexity Research Programme at the London School of Economics; fellow of the Royal Institution; member of the Scientific Advisory Board to the "Next Generation Infrastructures Foundation", Delft University of Technology; on the Editorial Board of the Journal of "Emergence: Complexity and Organizations"; was coordinator of Links with Business, Industry and Government of the European Complex Systems Network of Excellence, Exystence (2003-2006); Director of the UK Complexity Society and Executive Coordinator of SOL-UK (London) (Society for Organisational Learning) 1977-2008. She has developed a theory of complex social systems and an integrated methodology using both qualitative and quantitative tools and methods. This theory is being used for teaching at universities around the world, including three EPSRC-funded short courses at LSE, to train researchers; two courses at Beijing (Jan. 2010 and Apr. 2011) to train senior government officials, and short courses at Schumacher College, Devon, UK.

To book a place at this public talk please contact Mary Bernard on or before Tuesday 16th April.